Csa2016 Week 10: The Arrival of The Queen

Tomatoes are here!  The queen of the summer garden is the key vegetable that many gardeners use as the measure of the skill of the gardener.  Disease, pests, climate and a multitude of varietal choices all influence the end result.  This year, had been great for growing tomato plants and tomato fruit.  We have been having  some huge fruits from Nature’s RiddleOrange Oxheart and Ananas Noire.  Most impressive has been the new hybrid, Cherokee Carbon.  Big, beautiful, perfect shape and sweet taste make these great.
Also in the box are some carrots, beets, fingerling potatoes, broccoli, sweet corn, onions, garlic, beans, arugula, cucumbers, pattypan squash, basil, cilantro and bell peppers.  

Finally there are a few great pears called SummerCrisp.  This Minnesota introduction is crisp, sweet and the perfect size for a snack.  

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