CSA 2016 Week 11.  Winding down and winding up.

While summer is far from over according to the calendar, summer is winding down as soon school begins and weather forecasters are predicting some cool Canadian air.  In the garden, the same holds true as some crops like beans and cukes are reaching the end of their time while others like peppers, tomatoes and apples are starting to roll in.  

This week you get to enjoy those late summer flavors like a mixed bag of heirloom tomatoes, jalapenos, haralson apples and even a rutabaga (it might be soup weather this weekend). There are still some consistent goodies like garlic, carrots, broccoli and a beautiful egg plant.  There are some new beans.  The beautiful red beans are called Red Swan and the green ones are an Appalachian heirloom type called greasy cut-short beans. These beans have a little more ‘bean’ to them and when cooked have a little bit of a shiny appearance.  We’re trying them out, maybe they will be great, maybe not so much, you let me know. 

Happy week.

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