One of the newest and most ambitious additions to the farm is the herd of Saanen and Nubian dairy goats. While neither of the breeds are considered rare, they work nicely to round out the homestead with dairy products and are joy to work with.

Saanens are the milking power houses of the goat world. They are a swiss breed that are white in color and large in stature.  Saanens have a wonderful temperament and  love affection from people

Nubians are known for their high amounts of fat in their milk, which comes in handy when making cheese.  Nubians come in many colors, which makes kidding season exciting to see what you end up with.  While they also have wonderful dispositions, they also are more vocal and affectionate to people.  If they can see, or even hear you, they bleat and cry untill you come to visit them.

Our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association under the herd name Lulabell Farm.

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