Poultry of all kinds have been a fixture on farms for centuries.  They provide effective pest and weed control, provide fertilizer, are effective converters of plant material to protein and liven up a farm with their beauty and activity.

At the farm we raise chickens, ducks and geese but our preservation efforts focus on heritage turkeys and geese.  Currently we have breeding flocks Blue Slate, Chocolate, and Narraganset turkeys and American Buff Geese.  These beautiful birds provide us will excitement all year.  From the collection of eggs, incubation, hatching, growing and processing, the birds spend their entire life on the farm.

Heritage breeds are those that breed naturally, have higher resistance to disease, tolerate various weather conditions, and have slower growth rates.  Our heritage turkeys typically take 9 months to reach market weight.  Even then, the toms dress out at 15 pounds while the hens are 7 pounds.   The end result, however, is the the best tasting turkey possible.  Turkeys are available live anytime or fully processed just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Check out a Minnesota Public Radio article about Heritage Turkeys and this video clip of Bourbon Red Turkeys

American Buff Geese are listed as an Ark of Taste Breed.  They are a medium to large breed with the most gentle disposition.  Geese do very well on pasture and provide some of the most fantastic tasting meat we have ever had.

Chickens are maintained for both their eggs and meat.  The laying flock is a variety of breeds that lay eggs in a whole host of colors.  From the white eggs of our Blue Andalusian hens, to the green of the Americanas to the deep brown of the Welsummers, people are amazed at the diversity of egg shell colors.  What all the eggs have in common is what is inside.  Due to their pasture based diet and fresh availability, the dark yellow yolks and extra firm whites are extremely nutrient dense and taste exceptional. Eggs can be added to a CSA, bought directly from the farm or found at the Buffalo Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings.

For meat we raise Cornish rock broilers in chicken tractors using the Joel Salatin method.  The broilers are moved daily to a new patch of grass and fed a supplemental grain diet.  Broilers are available periodically during the summer.  Orders are preferred and suggested as we only grow what we need to and quickly sell out.

To reserve your pasture raised chicken or turkey, complete and return our 2015 poultry form.

Fall and winter are the time we harvest ducks and geese.  The Muscovy ducks produce a lean, dark and exceptionally tasty meat. Muscovy ducks are quiet, excellent setters and are very hardy.  Our goose flock consists of American Buffs .  The ducks an geese are used as ‘weeders’ in the orchard.  Here they spend their summer keeping the grass short and keeping the apple insect pests in check.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to drop us a note.

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