Chatham Preservation Farms is dedicated to not only preserving the beauty and genetic diversity of heritage breeds and heirloom fruits and vegetables, but also providing excellent food to the consumer through methods that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.

The farm began with the desire to generate the best tasting, wholesome food possible. Along this journey we found a need to do our part to preserve the genetic diversity of agronomic plants and animals that were slipping away in our industrialized world.

Our hope for the future is to maintain these gene pools for the future. That being said, the animals and plants raised need to pull their own weight and provide people with the nutritious, economical and wonderful tasting products for a local consumer base.

Thank You for your interest. If you have any interest or questions in our animals, produce or farming methods don’t hesitate to contact us at Chatham Preservation Farm.

We primarially market our products to customers at the Buffalo Farmers Market and from the farm.


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