Antique Apples

Nearly three years ago I attended the annual Apple Graphing Workshop at Seed Savers.  While there we learned the basics of bench grafting.  This experience not only provided me with my first grafted tree, an old variety named Hamilton, but also hooked me on the hobby/obsession of collecting antique or heirloom varieties of apples.

Since that first year of that first antique apple variety, the antique apple collection has grown to over 60 varieties.  While some may not turnout to be wonderful apple additions, harboring some genetic material that may die out and possibly never again exist is exciting.

Some of the Antique apple varieties are somewhat familiar like Duchess  Cox Orange Pippin, Wolf River, and Fameuse.  Other varieties like Smokehouse, Watermelon and Lyle Bonner are much more obscure.

Currently our trees are young, and production will be number of years off. We are always open to sharing the scionwood of the varieties we have and collecting more varieties.

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