CSA 2016 Week 12. Savor the Summer

IMG_20160824_163458201_HDRThis time of year it always feels like summer has slipped by.  But there is still so much to savor coming from the garden.  The unseasonably wet summer has been great for some, not so great for others.  The beans are producing like they are brand new, the cabbage and broccoli is in overdrive and the beets go on.  For others, the wetness is getting to them.  Digging up rotten potatoes, pulling up stinky rutabagas and climbing through disease laden tomatoes can get pretty frustrating, but with all the loss there is still an excellent crop of most things after a summer of growing.

This weeks box contains the finest tastes of the season. A beautiful mix of heirloom tomatoes, most of the purple viking potatoes and a few bell peppers start it off.  We also have an other installment of the Cylindrica beets, orange and purple carrots, garlic and green beans.  Larger share also has some broccoli and a zucchini.  A new cabbage is ripe for the picking, Verona Savoy.  Savoy cabbage is one of the most eye catching vegetables to grow. The dark green, savoyed (ruffled) leaves are especially tasty sauteed with bacon and garlic.  I personally must have Martha Stewards Rigatoni with Savoy Cabbage every year.  often 2 or 3 times.  It pretty much contains 5 of my favorite foods: cabbage, garlic, bacon, mushrooms and a Parmesan style cheese.  Finally, you have a little clutch of herbs.  Italian Flat Leaf Parsley is awesome with the potatoes or baked with the tomatoes.  If you have anchovies, give the Roasted Tomatoes with Anchovies a try, it’s lovely. Then there is also some sweet basil Red Rubin Basil.  The dryer, yellow lemon tomatoes would be the optimum ones, but all tomatoes would work in this Tomato and Basil Bruschetta.


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