CSA 2016 Week 6: A tribute to the Vikings.  

Sorry to disappoint the fans of Leif Erickson and Thor, but it only seams fitting to acknowledge the Minnesota Vikings with our assortment of gold and purple in this week’s box.  
The beans are in full force with a first string lineup- yellow variety called Solei and the ever tasty purple Velour making the final cut.  This past weekend we celebrated by Dad’s 75th birthday and Mom made a big batch of this homemade green bean casserole and it was great!  The favorable spring and summer weather has worked well for the onions; there is a bunch of purple ones in the box.  Red beets  and a head of garlic are a gain playing in this week’s box as are the zucchini.  New to the team are the fancy, all-purpose Purple Viking Potatoes.  There is a head of beautiful, mild tasting iceberg lettuce which would be great on a summertime sandwich and a mini head of cabbage.  Finally, this is the retirement of the MVP of the last 3 weeks, the Napa Cabbage. You could try out this stir fried version if you have run out of ideas.   They have had a great run and I hope you enjoyed them.  There are a few planted for fall, so they may come out of retirement and make a return for the fall season, but we will have to wait and see. 

The garlic harvest has begun and by the looks of the 3 varieties lifted, it will go down as my best year of garlic of all time!  Get ready to start warding off the Packers.. errr….vampires because it will becoming your way. 

Also underway is the kraut making process.  First up is dill pickle, red and we are trying out a Jalapeno Red this year as well.  The 6 to 8 weeks wait time to try it out is just another lesson in patience.  
Enjoy the box and enjoy another beautiful week of summer in Minnesota because like most good things, they don’t last forever.

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