CSA Week 5: The beginning of the beans… and the end of my social life.



String beans.  They are always a much anticipated crop. Fresh beans beat any canned, frozen or store bought variety in a taste tests, hands down.  Beans grow great on the farm, sell easily at the market and I do enjoy eating them myself.  BUT, picking beans is a tedious and time consuming task.  They can’t just hang out on the vine like a zucchini or underground like an onion.  Big beans are no good and if the weather is nice with moisture in the ground, beans grow and require constant picking.  So this week the beans have started with two great varieties.  The slender, tender, purple ones are Velour.  By far, they are the best purple beans I have grown.  Slender, tender, evenly colored, and  productive.  The other variety is Maxibel Hariot Vert.  This is a beautiful long slender French Filet bean that taste soooo good. Don’t overcook either of these delicate beans, just a quick steam or short boil is all they need.  Later on when the Romano beans come in, you can use those for a soup or or baked dish.

There is also an other Napa Cabbage for you to play around with, with may or may not be the final one of the season.  A small head of cabbage, some more beets, garlic, onions, sugar snap peas, and Kale.  You may have had your fill of kale but don’t give up on it yet until you try this Date and Kale salad.  Everyone who tries it wants the recipe.  I even eat it for breakfast, its’s that good.  Big basket gets some extra beets, carrots and raspberries.



The latest storm that blew through dropped a bunch of much needed rain, but just a brief wind and a couple tiny hail so a big sigh or relief can be had.




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