CSA 2016 Week 7: Were Having a Veggie Wave!

IMG_20160720_161248166_HDRand a Heat Wave!  That is about all you hear on the news lately, well that and political stuff.  But yes it is hot, when coupled with the adequate moisture in the ground does help everything take big leaps towards maturity.  Some things are not fans.  Spinach, Lettuce and Radish throw up the white flag and flower surrendering to the heat, pretty much regardless of age.  I replanted them a few times, but I doubt it will amount to too much if the heat persists for very long.   Tomatoes don’t often set fruit very well, but there are plenty coming, but patience, it will be a few weeks.  Other things like beans and corn go in overdrive.  Also in overdrive is the broccoli.  I always have the great intention of doing some succession planting, but I didn’t with  the broccoli, and as a result we have great big wave of it happening right now of the first, nicest heads. Hopefully you can manage to find your own great ways of enjoying it… steamed, raw, that broccoli/carrot/raisin salad or some stiff fry perhaps? IMG_20160718_113452644

IMG_20160719_120405813Also making a debut in the box is a beautiful head of red cabbage.  300 lbs went into sauerkraut this week, but there are a few stragglers who will be garnishing your box the next few weeks.  We were graced with a patrons favorite way to prepare the cabbage, Sweet-Sour Red Cabbage

Here is the recipe:

Sweet-Sour Red Cabbage

1/2 cup butter

2 tbs chopped instant onions or 1/2 c minced raw onion

1/4 c packed brown sugar

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 tsp allspice

1/4 tsp cloves

1 2-lb red cabbage, finely shredded.

1/c boiling water

1/2 c wine vinegar.

Melt butter in skillet; sautee onions until golden brown

Add sugar, seasonings, cabbage and mix lightly

Add water, cover and simmer for 1 hour.

Add vinegar and simmer 10 minutes longer

This is pleasantly tart; should you prefer it milder, use only 1/4 c vinegar.

Serve Hot to 8 people.


There are plenty of beans to go around so you received a healthy sum of green ones, if you get sick of snapping them just pawn them off on your neighbor.  Also included are the ever beautiful Dragon’s Tongue Beans.  These tender wide-podded golden beans with the purple flecks are surprisingly good with a light blanch or steam.  However since they loose their color in cooking maybe a eating them raw is the way to go? There is kale, some Purple Viking Potatoes, orange and red carrots, beets, a couple onions, a garlic, and zucchini. The bunch of onion looking things are actually shallots.  They are ready for curing so if you don’t use them, just find a nail in the closet, hand them up and let them dry for use later.  Many recopies call for this milder cousin of the onion. They often are very fitting to eat with beans.    Finally it wouldn’t be summer with out some cool slicing cucumbers.  These are the first of the year,  no bitterness, just greatness.

Enjoy the week!IMG_20160720_161254616_HDR

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