CSA2015 Week 7: Time for Cukes and Zukes!



One of the great things about eating seasonally, once you start to get sick of something, it often goes away and something new comes into play.  Gone are the days of greens an peas (although those are hard to get sick of) and now we are in the season of cucumbers and zucchini.  While the first planting of zucchini mysteriously didn’t germinate well at all, the replant sure did and caught up amazingly fast to the first planting.  When I head to the zucchini patch, I feel like I am entering the amazon as the plants are pretty much chest high.  We will see how long they look this amazing until the squash bugs attack.  They are so big I doubt I will be able to effectively pick them off.  You received a mix of zucchini.. a few small ones great for the grill and a couple of bigger ones that could be used in this amazing Zucchini Quiche or Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

The first cucumbers are also beginning to come in.  A few small slicers and a basket of small Edmundson Whites. While they are a pickling cucumber, I have them, they are fine to use as in a salad, or in dilled cucumber dip and so you get them!  Next week you probably can expect a large amount of slicers as there are loads coming in.

Rounding out the box is another beautiful head of broccoli, some purple beans, Viking potatoes, a bunch of kale, some dill, basil, a few onions, a mix of pretty carrots, cylindrica beets, and some Italian Soft Neck Garlic.

Speaking of garlic, the next few days I’ll be thick in it as it is garlic harvest time!  Digging, cleaning, sorting, and curing will all be taking place.  This year we have 13 different varieties growing  – mostly hardneck and a few softneck which I will talk about more next week, although I must admit, I rarely keep track of what I am eating, only growing so knowing differences about their looks and growth, but not so much taste.  Maybe a garlic tasting party is in order?



Other doings…  been working on some goat fencing which allows kids more access to some pasture.  They love it although it takes little time to eat all down.  The last of the broilers have been cleaned.  This is always a relief as it eliminates the daily chore of feeding and moving them.  There are peppers coming, tomatoes forming and I spied the first few Blacktail Mountain Watermelons in the patch.  It also looks as though I will need to start makin’ kraut next week as the cabbages are getting pretty darn big. AND the county fair is next week.  Busy but fun times are ahead!

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