CSA2015 Week 6: Timing is Everything.



Something great about this year… I only turned on the water 3 times. Once when I planted the cabbage, once when I planted the tomatoes and peppers and once just after planting some seeds in front of a forecast hot, dry spell. The timeliness of the rains has been amazing.  We have pretty much caught an inch each week. This gives adequate moisture, time to dry out and till and plant, and moisture to help pull weeds.  Rain also keeps many bugs away as it can literally wash them off the plants and just isn’t as favorable for some insect growths.  It does increase some disease issues,  but nothing too terrible quite yet.

When it comes to harvesting crops and filling up the crop box timing also goes into what is ready when.  Will that broccoli make is another week before flowering?  Do I have to pick cabbage too?  Will these beets get too big?  So sometimes you might get something a bit more than desired other times not what you are hoping for.  The cabbage is rolling on its 3rd week – but that should be it for a while.  But the broccoli made it the week like I hoped and you should have received some beautiful heads of it.  Also new this week were some zucchini.  Some are little – great for grilling and frying up and there is a big one or two for bread or muffins.



The golden beets are still going strong and onions are bulbing nicely.  Within the next week all the garlic will be pulled and hung for curing, so you can anticipate some each week.  If you ever want a larger amount of garlic, just say the word and more can be available if you have the need.

With the kale there is some beautiful ferny leafed stuff called fennel. Typically it’s let go a bit longer and the bulbs get larger as that is used more commonly, but I thought I would throw some as you know to dabble with a bit.  It has a strong anise flavor, which calls for some unique recipe ideas. A quick google search brings up a few ideas from Martha Stewart and  the Huffington Post.  A little bit roasted with beets and root vegetables. If you don’t like it, throw it in a vase with some flowers.  It still looks pretty.

The potatoes are the patriotic red, white and blue assortment.  The purple ones are called Magic Molly, the red ones are called Adirondack Red and the white are German Butterball.



The yellow wax beans and green beans are still coming in strong. A great way to use them, and the potatoes, is in Vomacka Soup. This recipe is from the famous Schumacher Restaurant in New Prague.

The bees have been busy in the cucumber patch, so get ready for those and I am headed into the Black Currant patch this week.  Just a few insights to what is ahead.

1 thought on “CSA2015 Week 6: Timing is Everything.

  1. Did you receive email pertaining to not being about to make it next Wed.? Will pick up on Sat.@farmers market. Thanks -looks like another tasty box of great eating!!

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