On to Another Season

The snow has melted and given way to green grass, spring rains and new life bounds at the farm.  The first seeds and plants have been planted, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys have begun hatching, and the fruit trees are teasing us with plump buds.  Even after the winter that felt like it drug on forever, nature surprises us with its amazing resiliency.  The birds survived exceptionally well all winter, the garlic sprouted the best in years and we have a healthy crop of new goats on the ground.

New this year we will be offering a few geese for the old tradition of Christmas Goose.  These American Buff Geese are the gentle giants around the farm, protecting the rest of the birds yet being exceptionally docile to humans.  The hatching is going well and were excited to watch them grow this summer.

CSA shares and pastured poultry reservations are currently taking place. There are many great new varieties of vegetables in the works and the shares might have a few more fruits tucked in them than in years past. We are expanding the number of shares this year, so if your interested, please contact us.

Like every farming year, it is always exciting to start anew each year. Optimism is high that this year will a great year for growing, eating and all around enjoying.