Compulsive Seed Purchasing

Saving heirloom seeds is rewarding, but the drawback comes during those long winter evenings when all the different varieties look so fun.  It never fails, each winter once the catalogs begin to roll in, the list of desired seeds grows beyond what I can realistically handle planting AND maintaining.  Sending orders in through the mail gives a person to write the list, compare between companies and think about it before writing the check and making the trip to the mailbox.  However, with the advent of on-line purchasing it become all to easy to ‘add to cart’. 

Restraint is needed.  The virtue of Temperance is one that many struggle with at times. Temperance not only applies to those restricting their alcohol consumption or electronic buying but also to those of us who are compulsive seed collectors.  I try to write it off as being inexpensive, healthy and useful, but really, is there a need to have 70 different varieties of tomatoes in my basement seed vault? My issue of temperance also applies to my habit of wanting to collect and raise multiple species and breeds of livestock. 

I suppose there are worse things to collect, but this time of year I need to remind myself that while these wonderful ideas look great on paper, restraint will help maintain my sanity once the gardens are planted and weed maintenance begins. 

That being said here is the current list of seeds. They all may not make it into the garden, but were going to sure try.

Beans Burgandy
Beans Dragons Tounge
Beans Edamade be sweet
Beans Garrafel Enana
Beans Golden Pencil
Beans Jade
Beans Rocquheneourt
Beans Romano Gold
Beets Albino
Beets Bulls Blood
Beets Chioggia
Beets Cylindricia
Beets Detroit 2 Bolivar
Beets Detroit Dart Red
Beets Golden Detroit
Beets Touchstone Gold
Beets Touchstone Gold
Beets Yellow Mangel
Beets  Egyptian Turnip Rooted
Broc Blue wind
Broc Early
Broc Purple sprouting
Broc Rapa
Broc Romanesco San Guiseppe
Broc  Late  
Cabbage Casumi F1 Hybrid
Cabbage Chinese Blue
Cabbage Cour Di bue
Cabbage Filderkraut Hilmar
Cabbage Kalibos
Cabbage Late Flat Dutch
Cabbage Marner Lagerrot
Cabbage Premier
Cabbage Red
Cabbage Savoy Vertus 2
Cabbage  Savoy verona
Carrot Atomic Red
Carrot Cosmic Purple
Carrot Danvers Half Long
Carrot Deep Purple
Carrot Juan du Doubs
Carrot Lunar White
Carrot Nantes Half Long
Carrot Nelson
Carrot Orange
Carrot Purple Haze
Carrot Rothchild
Carrot Solar yellow
Carrot St. Valery
Carrot Tonda de parigi
Carrot White Satin
Carrot Yellowstone
Corn Oaxacan Green Dent
Corn Tom Thumb
Cucumbers Edmonson
Cucumbers Homemade Pickles
Cucumbers Lemon
Cucumbers Marketmore 76 Slicing
Cucumbers Mini White
Cucumbers Muncher
Cucumbers Poona Kheera
Cucumbers ruby Wallace White
Cucumbers Suyo cross
Cucumbers Verde Ortolani Sensation
Eggplant Rosa Bianca
Greens Arugulla
Greens Chicory Italico roso 2
Greens Chicory Italico rosso
Greens Chicory palla rossa 3
Greens chicory variegata Di CastelFranco
Greens chinese Cabbage
Greens Cornsalad
Greens Endive
Greens Kale – Nero di Tuscana
Greens Kale – Red Russian
Greens Pak choi
Greens Salad Mix Insalata Odorosa
Greens Swiss chard lucullus
Greens Swisschard mixed
Greens  Pak choi mini
Heb Borage
Herb Basil Blue
Herb Basil Dark Opal
Herb Basil Holy Red and Green
Herb Basil Lettuceleaf
Herb Celaric Dynamite
Herb Chive Ping Giant
Herb Cilantro Slow Bolt
Herb Cilantro Slow Bolt
Herb Dill Mamoth
Herb Fennel Bronze
Herb Fennel Finale
Herb Parsley Curley
Herb Parsley Giant Italian
Herb Parsley Giant of Naples
Herb Parsley Hamburg Root
Herb  Basil Italian
Kale Flower Sprouts
Kale Red Russian
Kale  Black Tuscan
Kohlrabi Purple
Kohlrabi Superschmelz
Lettuce Centurino romaine Lettuce mix
Lettuce Crispino
Lettuce Florenchluss
Lettuce Iceberg
Lettuce Majestic Red
Lettuce Mix
Lettuce Paris White Cos
Lettuce Plato Romain
Lettuce Red Butterhead
Lettuce Romaine  
Lettuce Romaine Little Gem
Lettuce Sunsation
Lettuce Yugoslavian red
Mellon Bidwell Casaba
Mellon Chelsea
Mellon Edens Gem
Mellon Moon and Stars
Mellon Petite Yellow
Mellon Pride of WI
Mellon  Banana
Onion Borrettana
Onion Leek Bleu De Solaise
Onion Vernina
Onion  Cipollini Piatta di Bergama
Onion Leek Musselburgh
Onion Scalian Red
Onion  Scalian White
Pea Ho Lan Dow
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod II
Pea Snow/Sugar Oregon Giant
Pea Sugarsnap
Pea Sugarsnap
Pea  Sugar ann Snap
Pepino Garden Berry Pepino
Peppers  PinoNoir
Peppers Alma Paprika
Peppers Ancho Gigantea
Peppers Cayenne
Peppers Chervena Chushka
Peppers Cyklon
Peppers Czech Black
Peppers Feher Ozon Paprika
Peppers Flavorburst hybrid
Peppers Jalepeno
Peppers Jimmy Nardello
Peppers Joe Long Cayenne
Peppers Lemon Drop
Peppers Ace
Peppers Lilac
Peppers Merlot Hybric
Peppers Mucho Nacho
Peppers Orange Bell
Peppers Pot of Gold
Peppers Quadrato Giallo
Peppers Quadrato Rosso
Peppers Revolution
Peppers Serrano Tampiqueno
Peppers Sonoma Sunset Hybrid
Peppers Super chili hybrid
Peppers Sweet Chocolate
Peppers Sweet Gourmet
Peppers Volcano
Peppers Wisconsin Lakes
Peppers Yummy Orange
Potato All Red
Potato Austrian Crescent
Potato Kennebeck
Potato Purple Majesty
Potato Red Gold
Potato Red Norland
Potato Rose Finn
Potato Swedish Peanut
Potato Viking
Potato Yellow Finn
Potato Yukon gold
Radish cincinnati market
Radish Easter Egg
Radish Munchner Bier
Radish  German Giant
Radish Helios
Radish Plum Purple
Radish Purple Plum
Radish  White Hailstone and French breakfast
Rutabegga Generic
Spinach Bloomsdale
Spinach America
Spinach Placo F1 hybrid
Spinach Bordeaux
Spinach Melodey Hybrid
Spinach Palco
Spinach Space
Spinach Tyee
Squash Amish Pie
Squash Baby Boo
Squash Baby Hubbard Mix
Squash Birdhouse Gourd
Squash Buttercup
Squash Butternut
Squash Candy roaster
Squash Chirimen
Squash Cornfield Pumpkin
Squash Flat White Boer
Squash Galeux d’Eysines
Squash Gourd Mix
Squash Howden
Squash Jack Be Little
Squash Jarradale
Squash Long Island Cheese
Squash Lumina
Squash Marina di chioggia
Squash Musquee De Provence
Squash Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck
Squash Rouge Vif d’etampes
Squash Silver Bell
Squash Strawberry Crown
Squash Summer Burpee Golden Zuke
Squash Summer Burpee Zuke
Squash Summer Fordhook Zuke
Squash Summer Romanesco Zuke
Squash Summer Sunburt Pattypan
Squash Summer Zucchino Rampicante
Squash Sweet Dumpling
Squash Sweet Lightning
Squash Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato
Squash Wee-Be-Little Miniature
Squash Winter Luxary Pie
Squash Zapo Plomo
Squash Zeppelin Delicata 
Squash  Boston Marrow
Squash  Sibley
Tomatillo Purple
Tomato Abraham Lincoln
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Ananas Noire
Tomato Aunt Ruby
Tomato Basinga
Tomato Blondkopfchen
Tomato Brandyboy Hybrid
Tomato Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain)
Tomato Brownberry
Tomato Carbon
Tomato Cherokee
Tomato Chocolate Stripes
Tomato Cold Set
Tomato Costultu Genovenese
Tomato Cream Sausage
Tomato Crnokovic Yugoslovian
Tomato Djena Lee’s Golden girl
Tomato Dr. Wyche’s Yellow
Tomato German striped 
Tomato Giant Oxheart
Tomato Goldman’s Italian American
Tomato Goliath Hybrid
Tomato Green Grape
Tomato Green Sausage
Tomato Green Zebra
tomato Italian grape
Tomato Japanese Trifele Black
Tomato Juane Flamme
Tomato Kellogg’s Breakfast
Tomato Kentucky Beefsteak
Tomato Kolb
Tomato Lemon Drop
Tomato Malakhitovaya Shkatulka
Tomato Master F1
Tomato Mexico Midget
Tomato Nature’sRiddle
Tomato Olpalka
Tomato Omars Lebanese
Tomato Orange Banana Paste
Tomato Orange Banana Paste
Tomato Park’s Whopper 
Tomato Paul Robeson
Tomato Permisson
Tomato Pineapple
Tomato Pink from Jim
Tomato Purple Russian
Tomato Purple Russian
Tomato Riesentraube
Tomato Rosso Sicilian
Tomato San Marzano 2
Tomato San Marzano 3
Tomato Silvery Fir Tree
Tomato Speckeled Roman
Tomato Sungold
Tomato SunSugar
Tomato Super Souix
Tomato Super Suncherry Hybrid
Tomato Sweet Treats Cherry
Tomato Ultimate Opener
Tomato Velvet Red
Tomato Viva Italia Pear
Tomato Waspicion Peach
Tomato White Potato Leaf
Tomato White Queen
Tomato Wisconsin 55
Tomato Woodle Orange
Tomato Yello Mortgage Lifter
Tomato Yellow Speckled roman 
Turnip Hakurie
Turnip  Scarlet Red Queen
Parsnip Mitra
Swiss Chard Deluxe Rainbow Mix
Cauliflower Graffiti F1 hybrid
Cauliflower Early Tuscan