Green Things are a poppin’… including the weeds.



Somehow, amid the rain showers, we have managed to get most of the crops in the ground in a timely fashion.  Germination has been great, and everything is growing like weeds with the ample moisture and just right temps for the cool season crops.  A couple spots picked up a little too much rain but overall things are wonderful.  The garlic is just about sending out the scapes, radishes are plump, and the greens are, well, green!


The tomatoes and peppers have made it into the ground and we are exited about some new varieties as well as some tried and true kinds.  New this year are Pink Boar from the Wild Boar Tomato Farm and Chocolate Chestnut from Baker Creek.  But there should be plenty of red Amish Paste and Wisconsin 55 to provide a staple of red.

2010 108The first round of the CSA are set to go out June 8th from the farm.  Also coming up will be the processing of our pasture raised broiler chickens.  They came a bit early this year and will be about 6 pounds I am guessing by when we can get to them the week of June 13.  If you’re interested in some of the best fresh chicken around, there are still some available so drop us a note and we can put you down.

In other doings, all the hatching is done and there are plenty of up and coming egg layers to build production by mid summer, geese and turkeys will be available this fall and winter for holiday dinners and the goats are almost done kidding for the year.

The orchard of heirloom apples, grafted over the past 5 years are finally looking like they will provide some unique apples for us.  There will hopefully be enough to provide a nice mix later in the season.

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