CSA2015 -Week 3, Brought to You by the Letter ‘P’



When you buy seeds, almost all are labeled with a number of days till you can expect to harvest.  This is helpful in planning a succession of crops throughout the growing season.  What is doesn’t always take into consideration is the difference in weather.  Sometimes the weather speeds things up, sometimes it slows it down.  Sometimes crops planted 2 weeks apart still are ready for harvest the same time as seeds may sit in the soil due to insufficient moisture or get a slow start due to cold temperature.

Such is the cases with peas.  While they were planned to be more spread out(15 days according to the packet and planting date) they were all ready the same time.  So this week the share had Swiss Giant Snow Peas.  These flat, edible pod peas are best sauteed or stir fried.  The Cascadia peas are a marvelous shelling pea with nice long pods and the short podded, fat, Sugarsnap peas are great anyway you try them – raw, stir fried, steamed, chopped on a salad.  This is one of the best pea crops ever for me so expect them again.



Also included are lettuce, garlic scapes, Napa cabbage, onions, beets, dill, spinach and little bin of strawberries.

As we look to week 4 I think I am going to get after some potatoes, Finish off some spinach for a while and maybe there will be some sort of berry in production.  We will see.

Enjoy the Fantastic Weather!

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