CSA 2013

Last year at this time, the rows of lettuce, spinach and radishes had already emerged from the soil.  This year, I can finally see the soil after the last snow melted away just a few days ago.  The slow spring of 2013 makes me wonder if the whole year will be on the cool side, or if we will just  jump right in to summer all of a sudden.  Either way, it will come, and either way, we have been putting in to motion the plans and planting for our 2013 CSA.  The thing about farming and gardening is that each year is exciting and each year one is filled with hope.  Hope that the weather and season goes well.  Hope that the new varieties are pleasing.  Hope that all of our usual intentions, like weeding or transplanting on time, become reality.  I don’t think many hobbies/professions are so often rooted in as much hope as this one. Nor do i think as many give a person a second chance to try again.    

The year 2013 has a few new things in store for us at the farm.  After perusing for hours over the webpages and catalogs of our favorite seed suppliers like Baker Creek, Italian Seed and Tool, Seed Savers, Burpee, and FedCo, were adding 20 new varieties of tomatoes, 12 pepper varieties, 12 squash and much more. Were excited to try some new varieties of tomatoes like San Marzano Gigante and Indian Stripes from Sandhill Preservation Center.  Were growing some Purple Viking Potatoes this year after a trial last year.  We also picked up some new beans called Cut Short or Greasy Beans.  These beans are heirlooms from the Appalachian region.  While they may be different and take some getting used too, I am excited to get the seed in the ground in the ground.  Were also working to go heavy on our production of common favorites like spinach, colored bell peppers, red tomatoes, sugar snap peas and golden beets.  We also will be retiring the quaint wooden baskets and begin using a more clean, convenient and larger corrugated plastic tote. Finally we are making space to add a few more patrons to our CSA this year. 

Some more long term projects for the year are expanding our fruit and perennial crop area with more raspberries, asparagus, plums and historic apple varieties like Ashmeads Kernal, Pound Sweet and Arkansas Black.  

 If you are interested in finding out more about the CSA or signing up, feel free to contact us.  Just be aware, it is planting/hatching/kidding/grafting season and were not always right near the phone.  We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.




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